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Are you implementing Instagram in your marketing strategy?  If not, you may be missing out on on a whole world of sales and clients for your business.  I’m not talking Instagram Ads, which is a whole other conversation altogether.  I’m talking curated content that attracts the perfect client, which converts to first-time sales and, more importantly, repeat sales.

If you do it right, Instagram will turn into your biggest source of sales.

  • Create beautifully curated content.  
    Instagram is all about the picture perfect lifestyle, so why not take the time to give your audience what they want.  I’ve found that by curating specific content aligned with my business’ content calendar, I have a much better strategy and I get a lot more likes and comments than when I post random photos.There’s also a  reason why I have two Instagram accounts; one personal account and one business.  My personal Instagram account is my own collection of memories of my family and experiences throughout the day.  It’s fun for my family and friends to see these photos, but it doesn’t really do anything for my business.  With my business account (@Studio41), I post very strategically with the goal of attracting the perfect client.
  • Follow & engage with your ideal customer.
    Now that your Instagram feed is follow-worthy, go out there and get those followers.  I have  a couple different strategies for building up my Instagram following:

    • Follow your ideal customer.  This means to go out and find your ideal client, then engage with them by following their account and commenting on their photos (in a non-creepy way).  For example, if you sell handmade baby clothes, use hashtags like #babyboy, #babygirl, and #momlife to find hip moms who might want to buy from you.
    • Use Instagram follow apps to find your ideal customer.  I use the app Crowdfire to find my ideal customers.  I use the “copy followers” feature of the app to follow the most engaged users of Instagram accounts that have a similar audience to my brand.  After a few days, I use the “unfollow” feature of the app to unfollow any of the accounts that didn’t follow me back.  That way, I know everyone in my Instagram feed is likely following me, therefore a potential client.  Then my team and I comment and heart <3 their photos.
  • Always link back to your website.
    Now that you have beautiful content and awesome followers, you want to make sure that they actually  know how to buy from you.  If you post an image with a particular product, put a direct link to that product in your profile.  Otherwise, a simple link to your homepage will likely do the trick.  You want to make it as easy as possible for people to buy from you.
  • Have a mobile friendly website.
    Since nearly all of Instagram users will be looking at your feed from their mobile device, you will want to have a mobile-friendly site: either an actual mobile site or a responsive site.  What a waste it would be to have a potential customer click through to your site from Instagram, only to be unable to navigate to the actual product!
  • Start an influencer campaign.
    An influencer outreach campaign is a marketing campaign in which you collaborate with influential bloggers that have a demographic similar to that of your service or product.  The goal of this campaign is to piggyback on the blogger’s existing social presence, and get in front of their audience.  Generally, the blogger will have tested your product or service, had a good experience, and will now promote it to their readers.  Many times, the blogger will feature your product in a creative way on their blog, and then cross-promote the blog post on their Instagram account with beautifully curated photos that you will also be able to use on your own Instagram account.  Learn more about developing an influencer outreach program here.

Have you had success in marketing your business on Instagram?
What kind of response have your received?
If you’re struggling, what questions can I help you answer?

Let me know in the comment section below!

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